Ongoing Activities

The Peace Garden – Nyanza


This year we planted a Peace Garden at a school in Western Rural Kenya, in an area experiencing severe drought.  This year’s project involved almost every grade at the  school; the group included physically impaired students, who dedicated themselves to the garden, and nurtured vegetables and flowers to life.  Together, we cracked the hard ground, planted some seeds, and soon the garden flourished.  Read the full story here.

The Peace Garden – Rift Valley

The first Peace Garden was developed in the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) community in the Rift Valley. The students from Class 5 and Class 6 had several weeks of classes on the basics of  eco-literacy, climate change, story-telling, sustainable garden design and organic farming. Here, students explored eco-literacy topics in climate change, organic farming skills, and through quiet nature reflection, story-telling and poetry.  The students visited Baraka Agriculture College to learn more about the bee-flower-pollen-food connection, and artisanal bee-hive construction. The Peace Garden contains a mixture of flowers and food, and symbolizes diversity in species and varieties.  The garden has been enthusiastically embraced by the students, school staff, and Shalom community. The stories of the students continue to be cultivated and promoted…Asante Sana!