World Ocean Day

“I am a wise challenge” (From I am Life by Dalmas, Nakuru Kenya)

Even though Africans generate just 4% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, they suffer the worst impacts of global warming, such as drought.

Peace Garden Lives

The Peace Garden continues in 2021, with new projects, always rooted in the values of empowerment, peace, justice, supportive community, JOY, authentic service, love for the natural environment,  – and deep respect for those who struggle, globally and locallyThe projects in East Africa continue….as we also cultivate a new home-grown project in 2021. In the meantime, have peace. Stay well. Stay tuned. And keep returning. The Peace Garden Lives! Veronica

Happy Birthday!

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While the trip to Kenya to continue the Peace Garden was temporarily postponed, due to the global pandemic, the spirit of The Peace Garden lives on. I will be using this time to reflect, plan – and fund-raise for our sustainable food and water projects that will be even more badly needed, both locally and globally. All the best to our supporters and donors. The Peace Garden projects continue now and into the future – we’re already there. THANKS & PEACE. Veronica.

May these photos and poems from The Peace Garden Kenya inspire you this week, as they inspire me.



Even in times that seem strange it is good to remember:

LIFE can always be good.

And if everyone SHARED – there really would be ENOUGH for all.