Veronica Gaylie PhD (Founder/President) is a college educator and writer from Vancouver with fifteen years experience developing new programs in ecological education and justice.  Since 2015, she has lead three Peace Garden projects in Central and Western Kenya. She’s also a senior scholar on the global team at the Healing Earth textbook based at Loyola University, Chicago. Veronica leads projects, teaches & raises funds.

Komi Amega BA, B.Ed. (UBC)
Komi is a secondary teacher of French Immersion, originally from Togo, now based in Vancouver. Komi has 7 years experience as a professional translator of African tribal languages/English/and French. For the Peace Garden, Komi provides teaching, field advisory and translation services.


Chris Macleod BA, MBA, MSc (Kings College, London). Chris is a geographer and senior GIS mapping consultant with ESRI Canada. Chris co-ordinates professional/business services, research and strategy, and leads GIS and environmental risk analysis for field projects overseas.


David is a Vancouver based secondary school student (French immersion). For the Peace Garden, David provides office support.