Veronica + Fabulous Students @ Shalom School

Class question: How many know what bio-diversity is?


How many know what love is?


I ask this question to all classes I teach; from primary to theological students to graduate level. Most students feel they need to read (or even write) a thick science book about bio-diversity to explain what it is. But, bio-diversity really is as simple and know-able as, well: love.

Bio means….?


I hold out my hand to one of the students, who also holds out their hand.

What do you see?


Bio-diversity means…?

Life difference!

So…we are…different. But we are the same. Different. And yet, the same. Mysterious.  .  .







1 thought on “Biodiversity”

  1. The soul were all things originate
    may every soul be touched by the seed you have planted and all of us work towards establishing a real happiness build by care and respect of every creature by living a true love which is sacrificial in nature be blessed.


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