Garden Planning Day

What do you see? What do you see when you look up at the sky at night, at the blazing stars against the midnight heavens? What do you see when the dawn breaks over the eastern horizon? What are your thoughts in the fading days of summer as the birds depart on their southward journey…or in the autumn when the leaves turn brown and are blown away? What are your thoughts when you look out over the ocean in the evening? What do you see? – Thomas Berry

A good organic garden begins with a plan. A plan – begins with observation.  A farmer spends a lifetime in close observation. A farmer in Scotland told me you could spend a whole year watching a field before you even start planting.  I found that my students were already very in tune with their natural surroundings.

When does the sunrise?

6 am!

Where does the sunrise?

The students point east.

What time is our garden in shade?


The day was spent getting their information and designs onto paper, making beautiful plans and maps.

Climate Question: What do you see?

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