Field Trip

Horizon means....?
As far as you can see!
Further than you can see!
All you can dream!

It’s brighter there.


We (Class 6, teachers Sammy, Steven & myself) visited Baraka Agricultural Colllege to learn about agricultural innovations that will help our school shamba grow well.


Students attended a bee-keeping session. The Rift Valley has long been home to honey-gatherers and innovative bee-hive construction. The instructor encouraged everyone, and very much encouraged women and youth, to go into the bee-keeping profession.


Students observed how to protect seedlings from hot sun.


…and made lists of their favourite indigenous trees.


Students asked to be photographed beside this perfect box-hedge.


Loved the bouncy grass.


Sammy, Veronica and Class 6 look to the horizon. It was a great day.


Special thanks to Baraka Principal, Mr Francis Kumau for welcoming our group.


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