Garden Building Day

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela


Garden building day! Together with students, staff, and community members, we first designed the beds in the shape of a sun….then allocated stewardship of beds into random student groups. We added compost and sand into each bed, to boost up the clay soil. Everyone worked very hard, and worked together. Somehow – it all happened.

For the garden beds, we started with one design, thought up during class-time, inside. Of course, when we went outside we ended up with a very different design. . .

Sister Immaculata + students and the original garden design

We are, after all, building a peace garden.  Instead of segregating different parts of the garden, we decided to make a design that symbolized unity in diversity.


The whole garden is shaped like a sun – with ‘rays’ of lakes and rivers. The “lakes” will be filled with bio-diverse seeds (i.e. the famous purple carrots). The “rivers” will be filled with seeds typically grown in a Kenyan shamba.

Blessing after building:

Students worked all day without a break….then played football for an hour!

At the end of the day….the beds were marked, and the beds ready. Amazing day.DSCN0974

Asante sana!

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